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Apply for the upgrade with the utility company and get permits.

The meter is to be 5 feet off the ground, 66" max—12 feet from the power lines to the floor. If a driveway is sixteen feet from power lines to the floor, bollards will be needed to protect the electrical box from car accidents if installed on the driveway side. Horizontal conduit is not permitted inside covered walls. Vertical permitted, call the local utility company for the latest rules changes are made frequently.

One switch and one light or receptacle controlled by a switch is the minimum the code requires.

From any door opening waiting six feet, a receptacle is needed, no more than twelve feet from one receptacle box to the next for every room except the kitchen, bathrooms, and garage.

For the kitchen, it will depend on the quantities of appliances installed, a minimum of 6 circuits are needed for the counter, refrigerator, dishwasher disposal, microwave, and more.

At least one circuit for each bathroom will be needed or all of the vanity receptacles will be linked by one circuit, 20 Amp.

For the garage will be up to the owner to install receptacles or not adding a few will be better than nothing.

Yes, when no access wall & ceiling cutting will need to be made

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