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Electrical mistakes are very expensive

Sometimes we make expensive decisions due to the lack of knowledge, sometimes we just don't know any better.

We have visited many places already completed projects with cabinets in place, nice finish tile, granite, very beautiful, well executed kitchens. Only to discover how limited in power the projects where done with.

We worry about our electrical problems and yet we neglect the most important place in our homes, the place we spend a lot of our time, the kitchen.

Why is the kitchen area important?

Most of the small appliances used in the kitchen are heaters, microwaves, toasters, cookers, portable ovens, on-top disposals, dishwashers, compactors and refrigerators. The kitchen area needs to be powered properly to function well, otherwise, it'll be creating potential overheating of the wires and constantly resetting breakers.

An overload can potentially create a fire, and it's not always just an old wire. An overload can also happen because of poor electrical installations and also too many appliances on a small circuit.

For your next project, for your tranquility make sure to get a well known contractor. If you need surgery, will you hire a 25 year doctor in practice or the new one on the block?

It's the same with contractors; try to get the one with most knowledge. Not every contractor is in it for the money many really love the electrical trade and will help you in the best possible ways on your project.

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