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Time for upgrades?

Yes, we can combine utility, generator, and solar,   

We can do one, two, or all three power combination installations.

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Don't want a solar lean on your house for 25 years or more, We help you set up your very own solar system.

will save on the expenses and no head deck to transfer property when selling.  


When a new meter main is needed local utility company has to be contacted to make sure everything is fine on the utility company side and to check if any extra expenses

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Is possible for the utility company  to make corrections on the existing transformers to accommodate new service drop according to customers needs is also very common for some of the expenses to be transferred to costumers 

After all, is for the safety of utility workers and users, be safe. 

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It takes time and practice for some projects

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Add all the needed wiring, before covering walls after covering may be difficult to add due to wood under drywall

We will keep looking for new technologies, new advances from Solar modules, batteries, inverters, generators to offer you the best possible setup ​every installation is different

you can do emergency backup from a simple plugin or stand by generator  

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