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We don't do miracles, we do wiring and rewirings we understand the challenges and expenses of every project. 
That's why we will offer you the best price possible.


We have insurance certificates on hand, from business to worker insurance we have decent wages for our helpers and they get paid on time, We do what is right not what is easy.

EV car chargers.

If you will spend this much $$$$ on your new car don't settle for the cheapest overheating  Charger?

Don't compare, car models are different consume power different

powerful chargers for powerful cars.


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Make sure to communicate with the utility company to see how they want to proceed with the upgrades on your meter main beforehand.

Avoid problems.

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Is possible for the utility company  to make corrections on the existing transformers to accommodate new service drop according to customers needs is also very common for some of the expenses to be transferred to costumers 

After all, is for the safety of utility workers and users, be safe. 

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It takes time and practice for some projects

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Add all the needed wiring, before covering walls after covering may be difficult to add due to wood under drywall

We keep the national electrical code on top of our priorities to offer the best electrical installation at a fair price  

If looking for shortcuts you are in the wrong place.